Welcome to Products of Purpose


Welcome to Products of Purpose founded by Judy Teeven. We are eco friendly, socially conscious, and committed to bringing manufacturing back to our local community.

From artistic design to strategic production planning, we seek to cultivate the undiscovered value in all things. We use that which is discarded and partner with individuals whose strengths are often overlooked ,finding undiscovered abilities in those we serve as we cultivate beauty and value.



In these pages you’ll find gifts that are connected to a greater purpose, you’ll see one-of-a-kind creations; original art stationary accented with our proprietary art glass, that can be used in many creative ways to make the world more whole and beautiful. You’ll see canvas prints, unique jewelry designs, beautiful barware and unexpected designs and products that find their way into our store.



When you purchase  you can be assured that dollars spent in the Products of Purpose store go to support our 501C partners, and create vocational and employment opportunities.  Help us to shine the light on those who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities and those in our community who face economic stressors, mental health  issues and abuse. These are our people. The  pieces they create are made  from repurposed waste products (such as papers, plastics, aluminum, and glass). Revenue from each collection provides much needed funding for our programs as we partner with  501C organizations. Through these programs we are providing vocational training and work opportunities to those who are underserved in our community.


Connect with us if you have a vision for cultivating the undiscovered value where you are.  We are always looking to grow partnerships,  and to bring out the strength and value through creative artistry.

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We are socially Conscious Our team members come from disadvantaged circumstances. We Manufacture products Locally Bringing small manufacturing back to our community We are eco friendly Committed to create products out of materials that have been discarded

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