Art Glass – 5 oz – Brown


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This beautiful crushed and polished glass (often described as “sea glass”) is made from discarded glass bottles plates, stemware, and vases; the artful collections of colors and shapes make an easy-to-use home décor element or diverse crafting material. See sample projects for inspiring uses, from children’s art projects, to decorative compositions for living spaces, to adult jewelry pieces.

Check out our custom Art Glass Card Collection to see how our artist uses Art Glass to create beautiful cards that range from quirky and modern to fluidly beautiful.

Choose from 8 Color Options, available in 12 oz or 5 oz sizes, and enjoy one of the most planet friendly products you can buy.

Because of its chemical nature, glass can be recycled forever, and never needs to burden the planet. Even after years of use, this product can be repurposed for other purposes, or recycled. Since we use zero virgin glass, the product you purchase is already lifting some of the burden on the planet by sustainable use of waste materials.

How It’s Made:

Our sea glass is manufactured by sorting and crushing discarded glass, polishing and grinding the pieces using proprietary techniques. The process takes about three days, and is created by a team with inclusivity for individuals with physical, developmental, or intellectual disabilities. Each package of art glass is part of a meaningful work life of brave and resilient human beings.

Who This Product Helps:

We sell this art glass to raise funds to support our 501C partners, and create additional work opportunities for those in our community who suffer from disabilities, economic stressors, mental illness, and abuse.

Common Uses:

  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Interior Design
  • Vase Filler both Silk and Fresh Floral Arrangements
  • Canvas / Multimedia Art Composition
  • Craft Materials
  • Children’s Art Projects
  • Decorative Displays

Color Options:

This beautiful art glass comes in Turquoise, White, Blue, Green, Brown, Red, Grey, and Multi Color Variety collections.